Flat Iron

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ne spontaneous rainy evening, five of us ventured into Soho in search of good food. After a quick drink in Two Floors on Carnaby Street, we headed south and stumbled upon Flat Iron, a minimalist steakhouse hidden amongst the hustle and bustle of Central London.

We were greeted by a friendly patron who advised that the wait would be around 90 minutes. Luckily, we were able to leave a telephone number and we headed over to a local pub (The Old Coffee House). 

Over 90 minutes and one packet of crisps later, we still hadn't received a call. We headed back to Flat Iron and they asked us to wait in the bar downstairs with a buzzer. 5 minutes later, the table was finally ready!

Flat Iron is a very intimate venue with minimalist decor. Long wooden benches form the majority of the tables which are decorated accordingly with tea lights and quirky cutlery! The atmosphere is reminiscent of a hipster restaurant in SoHo, NYC (Back Forty West springs to mind). 

We were given small cups of popcorn as an appetiser whilst we decided what to order.

The menu is very small but the main star of the show is it's trademark Flat Iron Steak. I ordered this (medium) with 2 sides (Dripping Cooked Chips & Creamed Spinach), one sauce (Peppercorn), and a drink (Dandelion & Burdoch).  

For a £10 steak, we were all surprised by the quality. The meat was seasoned well, cooked to perfection and very tender. The peppercorn sauce complimented the steak and the delicious sides brought the whole thing together. 

There was only one thing on the dessert menu, a delicious salted caramel mousse, but the light and airy texture was perfect to cleanse the palate and complete the meal. 

The bill came to under £25 per person for a main, dessert, drink and service. Flat Iron is incredibly good value for money and despite the queue length, an excellent alternative to popular steakhouses such as Hawksmoor.

Food: 5*
Service: 4*
Value: 5*
Overall: 5*


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