Jackson & Rye

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The time had come for another catch up with friends and with payday looming we wanted something that didn’t break the bank. We had heard of Jackson and Rye and I fancied the idea of having brunch at an American style diner.

On first impression, it didn’t fall short of expectations. The moment you step inside you can really feel the hustle and bustle of a typical American diner and you couldn’t fault the decor.

Whilst browsing through the brunch menu, I could already tell there were more than a couple of meals that tickled my fancy. I opted for the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich with a portion of Fries and in true American style, Creamed Corn Grits. 

Based on the price (£7.50), I expected a standard Chicken Sandwich, and was pleasantly surprised by a rather posh looking burger complete with a brioche bun, spicy coleslaw and chipotle mayonnaise.  The chicken was incredibly tender and the combination of flavours from the sweet bun and spicy coleslaw worked well. I personally feel it’s difficult to get a chicken burger just right without it being too dry but I can safely say this was one of the best chicken sandwiches I have ever tasted.  

The skinny fries complimented the burger perfectly (nothing like some fries to nibble on the side...), and the creamed corn grits were equally tasty and added to the all American experience.  

Moving on to dessert, I opted for the frozen raspberry soufflé with white chocolate. This wasn’t quite what I had expected. I couldn’t taste the white chocolate and it was unfortunately more of a bitter than a sweet dessert (maybe I just didn’t get the whole concept?) However, the popular choice on our table was the melting chocolate sundae. Warm butterscotch sauce was given to us in a little jug which you poured over the outer shell of the ice cream causing a melting effect. It was a delight to watch and tasted absolutely delish. 

The only downside of our experience was the service. We repeatedly had to ask for some mayonnaise (a necessity with fries!). Understandably it was very busy but we would've preferred a more efficient service. Nonetheless, Jackson & Rye lived up to its expectations and more. We were astonished by the quality of the food in relation to the cost and would like to return soon to try out the breakfast menu.

If you are looking for a buzzy American style diner without breaking the bank, this place sure is promising. 

Food: 4*
Service: 3*
Value: 5*
Overall: 4*


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